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Motor City Blogman

Barra and Reuss: A New Leadership Team for a New General Motors

General Motors’ independence, its shedding of the “Government Motors” epithet, seemed like a long way off when I was attending the frequent press conferences in Detroit’s Renaissance Center in 2009.
| Dec 10, 2013
2013 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

My Thoughts on the Next Mazdaspeed 3

I have some strong opinions on Mazda’s next hot hatch.
| Dec 05, 2013
Vettel 2014 Infiniti Q50

Navigating Electronic Steering

Even Sebastian Vettel thought the steer-by-wire system in the 2014Q50 wasn’t quite right.
| Dec 05, 2013
paul walker

A Goodbye to Paul Walker

Here I am, watching The Fast and the Furious for the thousandth time, feeling a little lost.
| Dec 02, 2013
Nissan IDx Nismo Concept
Motor City Blogman

Slouching Toward Tokyo

The 43rd edition of the Tokyo Motor Show took one more step toward becoming a local event.
| Nov 22, 2013
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volkswagen golf gtd

Driving the New VW Golf a Half-Year Before Its U.S. Premier

Sampling three flavors of VW Golf in England.
| Nov 21, 2013
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Vettel 2014 Infiniti Q50
Moment of Zenlea

The Street Car/Racing Car Schism

Why I don’t care whether Sebastian Vettel has tuned my steering.
| Nov 20, 2013
mercedes benz concept s class coupe

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe is big.
| Nov 18, 2013
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dyer consequences
Dyer Consequences

Finally Getting It

Dyer Consequences
| Nov 18, 2013
noise vibration and harshness
Noise, Vibration & Harshness

Oh, really? No, Sir. Oh, Riley -- Kestrel Sprite!

They say you covet the cars of your youth.
| Nov 18, 2013
mazda miata
Vile Gossip

First Time's the AOY Charm: 1990 Mazda Miata

Among our twenty-five Automobiles of the Year, none has been more important to this magazine than our inaugural winner.
| Nov 18, 2013
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volvo concept coupe

Eleven Billion Reasons Volvo has a Fighting Chance

What a difference a few years make.
| Nov 13, 2013
dyer consequences
Dyer Consequences

The Year in Minutiae

I suffer from the not-uncommon tendency to fixate on what's new and what's next.
| Nov 13, 2013
2013 cadillac ats
Moment of Zenlea

Beware the Bargain BMW

Bob Lutz's plan for Pontiac would have been a disaster.
| Nov 06, 2013
2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Reflecting on a Mercedes-Benz AMG Track Day

On pit road, I was surprised by a face familiar from childhood.
| Nov 05, 2013

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