Dyer Consequences: Hertaste.com: Womens' Opinions on Cars, Product Advice, and Fashion Tips for Men

Tim Marrs

In the 2000 Mel Gibson comedy, What Women Want, a man suddenly gains the power to hear what women are thinking. Not having seen the movie (I was single in 2000 and thus excused from seeing chick flicks), I can't tell you what women wanted eight years ago. But, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I can tell you what they want today, from cologne to clothes to cars. Spoiler alert: owners of the 1987 Dodge Ram D150 might want to stop reading right now.

A new Web site, www.hertaste.com, aims to illuminate the female perspective for clueless men by recruiting a panel of women to rate certain products. Since I already know everything about lady-killing wardrobe and scents - silk shirts and Drakkar Noir all the way - I'm most interested in the automotive opinions. So, I submitted a selection of cars to a panel of women to see what they'd think. I threw in a few new cars that I personally covet, along with a selection of older cars that I've actually owned myself. The time has come to find out whether girls liked me for me . . . or if they were just pretending so they could be seen in my '85 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z.

My panel consisted of fourteen women of varying ages, races, and backgrounds. The only thing they have in common is that they're all hot. Because if I cared about the opinions of unattractive people, I'd watch the end of each episode of 60 Minutes.

Products are rated on a scale of one to five stars, and my early vehicles did not fare well. Of the IROC, a woman named Ekta said, "It looks a bit dated, and the guy who owns it either can't afford a better car or lives in the past." Molly opined, "It would be great . . . if it was still the 1980s. If you want a classic, go back to the '60s. If you want something hot, get it new." I was despairing for the IROC until I read the evaluation from Joanna, who wrote, "This car has always reminded me of a bad boy. You know what they say - good girls always love the bad boys." Hey, Joanna, wanna stay out past curfew and shoot bottle rockets at cars? Yeah? Well, too bad. I'm busy.

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