Power Packed Test Fleet

It has been a heavy week, one that will stand out for the sheer amount of power packed into our test fleet. You can't imagine how perilous it can be, driving all that heavy metal in greenest Ann Arbor, home of dreadlocked grandmas who picket the Federal Building across the street and of lovely young ladies who spit on passing Hummers.

How are we to view the wealth of exotic and speedy transport waiting for us at the end of a hard day? As the lucky dogs we are, babies! We get it. China and India and the rest of the emerging speed-loving nations-to-be are poised to suck the world's natural resources dry. Hydrogen can't arrive a moment too soon, we know that. And we thank those of you who've made the supreme sacrifice, trading in your evil Boss Hogg sport-utes for hybrid aero lumps.

Is it OK that I've decided to reduce my carbon footprint elsewhere? For instance, no Citation jet for me. And I went with the recycled Civil War-era home, with new windows and insulation. No McMansion for me. I'm not feeling guilty about loving the cars. What a sad place it would be if we were all going 55 mph in our electric cars.

While Detroit burns and the world rejoices (tsk, tsk, Kitman), I renewed my bond with the devil this week:

Monday: I doubt there is anything bigger in our current fleet than the 2008 Ford F-150 Foose Edition. Starting with a fairly loaded SuperCrew Styleside with a five-foot box (traction control, trailer-tow package, XLT trim, FX2 Sport package, and enough glitz to drive the price to $36,150), customizer god Foose works in another $18,845 of design, engine, suspension, and wheel changes. The result is a lowered, raucous, gas hog of a show truck (11 city/15 highway mpg, premium fuel, of course). The concussive noise rumbling from the supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 was enough to set off nearby car alarms as I rolled down the ramp. I hustled out of town under cover of darkness.

I wanted to cry, it was so much fun. Yes, I am a truck girl, especially when that truck has 450 hp, 500 lb-ft of torque, shifts like a dream, and rides on rails. I love you, Chip.

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