Automotive References in Music

Tim Marrs

First of all, why aren't more artists rhyming about the Bugatti Veyron? Come on, people, it's only the most expensive new car you can buy. We need more songs that utterly trivialize the ownership of it. How about, "If you want a Veyron then I hope you don't bawl/When you find out I already bought them all." Or, "My Veyron is filled with hotties/You wear rayon and scrub porta-potties." That would work, too.

Broadening our scope, there are plenty of exotic cars that seem to never get mentioned: Tesla. The McLaren F1. Panoz. How about Spyker? And all the bragging about big rims is so passé. Personally, I'd boast about low rotational inertia. Check it: "My forged wheels reduce unsprung weight/I don't know what's heavier, your rims or your date."

Other potential car-related boasts:
- I've got a fine G-class, and I dine on sea bass.
- My Murciélago was once owned by Benito Santiago.
- If you're allergic to hotness then try not to sneeze/When I roll up in my Lotus Elise.
- I've got a Rolls-Royce truck that they don't even make/You drive a Laforza, and your Timex is fake.

This is just a start. But rappers, if you need further advice, don't be afraid to ask. You too, country singers. I don't want to brag, but I know a lot of words that rhyme with Silverado.

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