Collectible Classic: 1979 - 1985 Mazda RX-7

Don Sherman
A. J. Mueller

Engine: 1.1-1.3L 2-rotor Wankel, 100-135 hp, 105-133 lb-ft
Trandmissions: 4- or 5-speed manual ; 3- or 4-speed automatic
Drive: Rear-wheel
Suspension, Front: Strut-type, coil springs
Suspension, Rear: Live axle, coil springs
Brakes F/R: Discs/drums or discs/discs
Weight: 2400 lb

Years Produced: 1979-1985
Number Produced: 474,565, of which 377,878 were sold in the United States
Original Price: $7195 (early 1980 models)
Value Today: $2000-$7000

The rotary engine is on its deathbed due to its inherently poor thermal efficiency and the fact that for decades only one carmaker has pursued development of this alternative to pistons. Those interested in experiencing the smooth-running, rev-happy rotary still have plenty to choose from, though. Rust-free first-generation RX-7s are readily available in California and other southern states for a pittance. There's an abundance of engine and chassis tuner parts and expertise. For those with road-racing aspirations, the Sports Car Club of America offers affordable entry-level classes called Pro-7, IT7, and Spec 7 for lightly modified first-gen RX-7s. The SCCA's Improved Touring class for stock-looking cars on street tires is another option.

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Cuhulin AmHairghin
I agree.  I had two of them (the first was stolen and stripped, so I bought another.)  I still remember them fondly!
this is the best car i ever had.. you all need to try it :)

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