Collectible Classic: 1966-1974 MGB/GT

Mike McPike

We made Sidney, Nebraska, before the anemic fuel pump became unbearable. After installing a modern electronic pump in the NAPA parking lot, we enjoyed smooth, droning, 75-mph, 4400-rpm cruising until we reached sunny western Iowa, where we suffered a flat. Luckily, we'd had the foresight to swap the ancient bias-ply spare for a brand-new Michelin radial, so that wasn't a sticky issue. But the seized right front brake caliper was. A mechanic in West Branch, Iowa, attempted a fix but left us with a spongy pedal and no brake lights. Still 450 miles from home and not wanting to tackle Chicago traffic in this condition, we waved the white flag. Nearly seven full days after hitting the road, my MG finally made it home . . . on a trailer.

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What to Pay
Top-notch restored cars peak between $15K and $20K, with earlier models being more valuable. Decent, drivable examples can start as low as $2500.

Body Style
Two-door, two-plus-two hatchback.

125,597 B/GTs worldwide (about one-quarter of overall MGB production).

Watch Out For
Rust, especially in the wheel wells and the dogleg rocker-panel seams. Worn gearboxes, particularly in pre-'68 models.

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The Essential Buyer's Guide: MGB & MGB/GT,
by Roger Williams, Veloce Publishing, $20.

Standard Guide
to British Sports Cars, by John Gunnell, Krause Publications, $25.

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University Motors Limited

Little British Car Company

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North American MGB Register

The MG Experience

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A pre-emissions, metal-dash, chrome-bumper, chrome-grille, Grampian gray '67 MGB/GT with the Special package (racing sideview mirror, special badges, and wood steering wheel and shift knob).

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