1. Vertical grille bars are kinked and set back from the rim but are spaced well apart to give an interval space similar to Jeep's traditional slots.

2. This little drop in the center of the top of the grille is a traditional Maserati identity mark, really the only thing necessary no matter what the inlet perimeter.

3. From this corner of the flattened upper grille rim, several hard lines are developed, one toward the A-pillar and another across the headlamp and into the front fender peak.

4. This outlet may be the current British styling hot lick, but it was also seen on many Maserati coupes and cabriolets in the past, so it is authentic.

5. The rear fender peak appears on the rear door, derived from a softer radius starting below the air outlet on the front fender.

6. A black perimeter on all four wheel openings allows a similarly proportioned painted band in the sheetmetal, a way to minimize side mass.

7. This indent is intended to create a reflective plane that breaks up the tall painted body side.

8. And this smaller but similar indent makes the black skirt seem a bit smaller than it is.

9. A painted flange like this has become all but standard on every kind of car, from truck-based SUVs to sports cars. But there are other ways to create wheel openings in bodies.

10. There's no telling what's behind the wire-mesh grilles on the fender corners, but one wonders if there is really a need for these big scoops.

11. The sagging curve on the bottom of the grille-opening frame clashes with the rising curve on the bumper.

12. The rising-to-center upper edge of the lower scoop really makes the whole front-end composition a little messy. Refinement for production should fix it.


13. The highlight from which the rear fender peak is derived is discernible in this view. The whole body side has been shaped with subtlety and is fairly elegant -- for an SUV.

14. The chopped-top look of the Chrysler 300 is recapitulated here, not altogether happily.

15. The visor over the backlight extends the roofline for an aerodynamic advantage.

16. Undistinguished taillight design covers the legal requirements but does little to enhance the overall form of the Kubang; they're just stuck on.

17. The large license-plate cove on the hatch allows for all the world's plates without having to make different stampings for different markets.

18. Fairly convoluted rear bumper shroud in black helps cut visual height, but this is still a very tall, massive vehicle.

19. Punctuating the black bottom masses with stylized exhaust outlets is a pleasing touch, and the shapes fit the form nicely.

20. Gnarly wheels with three pairs of dual spokes are rugged enough for off-road use, but does anyone really want a "trail-rated" Maserati? And how about a finicky four-cam Italian V-8 for mud-plugging?

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