Cadillac Ciel


9. Notice that the cockpit sill is convex, with the highest point behind the driver's seatback, beyond which it tapers downward all the way to the abrupt bend in the taillight.

10. The hard highlight controlled by the sharp bend in the door cut washes out completely in the rear doors.

11. Integrated headrests with fairings behind the seats terminate the cockpit area clearly and cleanly, adding an otherwise-lacking air of sportiness to the total composition.

12. Repetition of the front end surfacing theme is nicely carried out, with the pleasing difference that the area below the horizontal definition line is concave, in opposition to the front end's convexity.

13. Recapitulating the front grille shape is a rather Lincoln-like conceit, but it works well enough here to relieve the plain back panel.

14. The tall vertical taillights fit into the Cadillac tradition and very nicely terminate the flowing side panels. The top part is both elegant and practical.

15. The exhaust outlets again seem oversize, just very slightly out of scale, but the Ciel is, after all, a very big car.

16. This subtly rising line helps reduce the visual bulk of the unadorned side panels, and it runs through the rear wheel center for a sensitive composition. Very nice indeed.


17. The face of the steering wheel is free of buttons, but on the forward side there are plenty of controls, thus combining convenience with classical appearance.

18. The wooden elements are real, but isn't it time to stop chopping down trees to decorate luxury cars?

19. The high-aspect-ratio screen pops up from a slot in the wide shelf in front of the passenger. It's neat but not useful to the driver.

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Answer to number 18: Hell no.

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