Range Rover Evoque


10. Extending the roofline with this extremely long shroud is good for aerodynamics and gives the Evoque a look shared with no other SUV.

11. One does wonder, though, how much can be seen through what becomes a letterbox-slot rear window, perhaps explaining the oversize external mirrors.

12. These little joggles in the wheelhouse openings are inexplicable, but they certainly do no harm to the Evoque's character.

13. The magic in the Evoque's design is expressed in the side-window profile, with the sill rising sharply toward the rear while the upper profile descends. A very sporty look, somewhat to the detriment of visibility.

14. Front fender-vent openings seem to be de rigueur in Great Britain these days -- a car without them is nowhere in the U.K. aesthetic.

15. For all their massiveness, these wheels do not look up to the rigors of serious off-road driving. There are multiple options, though.

16. This add-on piece, essentially matching the front, implies protection for the body even in extreme nose-up ramp-angle situations. Is it real or just decor?


17. Inner door panels with highly contrasting colors are unusually attractive in an SUV...or in a sports car, for that matter.

18. The central armrest actually looks comfortable, and the total lack of "styling" is welcome.

19. The dreaded Jaguar erectus mechanicus shifter lives beneath this surface. Ah, for the straightforward gear levers of other Land Rovers and the ur-Range Rover.

20. This soft blue mood lighting is a pleasant idea, well-executed. The entire interior of the Evoque is simple, agreeable, and attractive, a job especially well done.

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