Range Rover Evoque


1. This bland, rounded front is the perimeter of a rather egglike and nicely low-drag front-end volume.

2. The coarse grille texture is presumably meant to convey an impression of toughness. It mostly comes across as unrefined and clumsy.

3. Hot-air outlets on the hood are not a bad idea at all and provide a little visual interest for the driver as well.

4. The disproportionately large sideview mirrors offer a clue to the overall size of the Evoque. It's actually rather small for an SUV.

5. This rising line defines the entire side profile, allowing an impression of a wedge form and providing a sportiness to the ensemble that would be missing without it.

6. Inserting this piece of brightwork into the dark lower-body area that serves as a mass-reduction visual effect is a nice touch.

7. This lumpy-bumpy collection of profile changes is quite surprising, seemingly having no aesthetic or practical function. Looks like a mistake.

8. Having the lower lamp bridge the front-quarter air inlet is as pleasant an effect as the profile above it is goofy.

9. Whether this is a serious brush guard or a piece of lightweight decoration isn't clear, but it does give the impression that the Evoque is ready for serious off-roading.

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