Ferrari 250GTO Ferrarissima


11. There is nothing more elegant than a Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel.

12. Ergonomists may not like them because they're hard to distinguish at night, but rows of toggle switches are visually wonderful.

13. Now an iconic feature of Ferrari road cars, the metal shift gate was initiated on the GTO.

14. Bucket seats are extremely simple in form and extremely comfortable in racing action.

15. This primitive framework is a wonderfully straightforward, almost brutal, solution to fixing the seat securely in the chassis. There's nothing illusory here; this is a racing car.


16. Richie Ginther introduced to the racing world the duck-bill spoiler he noted on Larry Frazer's radial-engine special in California. Ferrari was the first to generalize the idea.

17. Ah, the wonderful racing fuel cap that captivated stylists the world around. Here it is completely functional as well as highly decorative.

18. This indented scoop relieves pressure inside the rear wheel well and evacuates brake heat.

19. This edge should be perfectly straight for function, but Italian workmen will always add a millimeter or two of crown, resulting in this graceful curve that still cradles the sliding glass. Notice that the door itself is just a flat-wrapped sheet, no compound-curve forming.

20. A typical practice in period, the front wheel opening is nicely round, not flattened on top as in the rear.

21. Recognition lights for night racing helped pit crews and scorers distinguish a specific car.

22. Observe that the rear wheel opening is vaguely rectangular, a habitual practice in the late 1950s and early '60s, now seen as anachronistic.

23. Two tailpipes for each bank of cylinders is impressive, probably intimidating to competitors.

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