Alfa Romeo 4C


1. The sharp triangular grille with its almost straight sides is rather severe, but it fits nicely into a long line of similar but not identical Alfa front-end schemes dating back six decades.

2. The triangular-section ribs that sweep back across the hood fade away at the windshield on their inner side and become the windowsill on the outer side, providing dynamic interest.

3. Air intakes flanking the shield grille have long been Alfa Romeo characteristics. These, without trim, evoke racing-car practice, and the molded duct work is visually interesting.


4. This separation cut between the main body and the one-piece tail nicely defines the transverse body section.

5. Large scoops at the leading edge of the rear fenders channel air into the engine compartment and provide a handy location for an essentially invisible door handle.

6. There is an odd confusion of surfaces where the door cut intersects the side glass profile, with a rib running to the roof behind the door.

7. This element of the door cuts is also interesting. It arrows forward, breaking exactly at the side-marker lamp, adding thrust to the side view. Seems new -- and effective.

8. Headlamp covers are smooth at the forward limit and acquire a sharp rib by the time they reach the fender peak, which they define.

9. The complex door cut becomes an important design element on the 4C, sweeping gracefully at the rear, encompassing the air intake, and reappearing above it to provide an internal path for the side glass to descend.

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