1932 Ford Hot Rod

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11. The polished aluminum blower evokes the look of grand prix Alfa Romeos, not surprising given the Italian origin of this S.Co.T. unit.

12. A much-prized accessory, the Filcoolator oil-filter housing contains a modern filter element to keep the new/old engine in fine fettle.

13. Good old-fashioned vee-belts drive all the accessories, adding to the authenticity-and doing their job very nicely, thank you.

14. Ah, the finned cylinder heads that are so much a part of the charm of flathead Ford racing and sports engines. The Ford iron units were, if not ugly, simply ordinary. All the many aftermarket heads were charming and beautiful, like these polished Eddie Meyer pieces.


15. The wheels are just wheels-steel production units ('40 Ford in front, '39 Lincoln in back) fitted with trim rings and button hubcaps. Nothing fancy, but are they ever nice. Disparate rubber sizes set the stance.

16. More like a tank's viewing slit than a real backlight, this "mail slot" was very much a desired element of Carson tops and had been a feature of limousines for decades, a curious sociological juxtaposition.

17. '39 Ford teardrop taillights were de rigueur for rodders in the 1940s. Deciding exactly where to place them on the turtledeck required hours of reflection. These are right.

18. Yes, that's the actual fuel tank, about as well protected as those on early Ford Pintos.

19. The push-bar bumper is simple, straightforward, and-ultimately-quite elegant.

20. The high vulnerability of the fuel filler is authentic, but were I doing a '32 hot rod, it would be placed well forward, with a relocated tank. But it wouldn't be a museum-piece solution, as this whole car is.

21. Ford's center-pivot wishbones were good for the Model T in 1908, but by the '40s rodders liked to separate the radius rods and attach them to the frame rails, allowing much lower chassis and ride heights.

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