Jaguar C-X75


10. The door cut runs directly into the wheel well, an unusual simplification of cutline graphics.

11. The opaque panel that would seem to be a window rolls inward to allow air to flood the turbine compartment.

12. The backlight is tiny in proportion to the whole car and provides a very limited rear view.

13. Bladelike taillights accentuate the break in plan view from side to rear surfaces, adding visual width as they sweep forward on the sides of the rear fenders.

14. The up-sloping lower surface has been used on a few other concept cars, including the 2008 Citro├źn GT and the Arex roadster, leaving room below for the diffuser construct.

15. One hopes that all this confusing carbon-fiber molding has been thoroughly wind tunnel-tested, because it surely adds nothing to the car aesthetically.

16. The upper crease follows the lower profile of the fender blades and slims the side profile.

17. These crisp lines framing the lower side scoop serve multiple purposes. They stiffen the door panel, and the upper line is parallel to the rear-bumper cutline that leads into the sharp rear deck edge.

18. A crisp separation of lower and side sections gives direction to the lower part of the nose.


19. Huge ventilation ducts with curved blades are partially covered by the doors when they swing down to close.

20. This gap is caused when the steering wheel and instrument cluster move rearward toward the fixed seats.

21. The pedal assembly, too, is adjustable for reach.

22. No Jaguar has ever had as antitraditional a steering wheel as this. The rim is leather-covered, though.

23. No wood at all in the interior, at last. The panel shape recalls the rear of the body.

24. Backlit inner door panels give the impression of space in what is already a very wide cockpit.

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I read it carefully. Jaguar as far I know may not plan to have V12 in any of their Bonnet in any of models. Jaguar axe thier V12 engines in the old XJS & XJ about 13 years ago. Now V8 & Supercharge V8 & maybe a twin Turbo V8.

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