Seat Ibe


12. The surface above the front wheel is voluptuous, emphasizing roundness but contained within sharp lines and surface breaks, a splendid sculptural composition.

13. Even the mirror fairings are triangulated in the side view.

14. Extending the roof past the backlight improves aerodynamics.

15. The change from side to rear is marked by another "pressed" crease line caused by the intersection of two surfaces, as on the hood, eliminating any hint of being pudgy.

16. The wheels are framed in round openings, with soft surfaces above the wheels meeting a vertical plane that defines the opening with a band all the way around it. If this is common to many designs, it's because it works so well.


17. Note how the three rear triangles-two lamps and the lower vent-are themselves arranged in a bigger triangle, emphasized by crease lines across the bumper fascia. The body may be amorphously rounded, but the surface decoration is tightly controlled and geometric.


18. This hockey-stick design theme also recalls electronic printed circuit boards. It is used nicely and consistently on the footrest, pedals, and sill plates.

19. The elegantly simple and highly inviting seat design could very easily be put into production without the slightest change. It's encouraging to see such realistic things in concept cars; it means we might be able to enjoy them ourselves in the near future.

20. A second interior theme is the parallel lines seen on the steering-wheel rim where you typically wouldn't grip it, carried through into the tunnel between the seats.

21. Triangles won't work for everything, but pointed trapezoidal forms will. So we see them in vents, door handles, and even in the rearview mirror of this interior, which is airy, spacious, and elegant for a small coupe.

22. A triangular mirror wouldn't be efficient or safe, but we see the triangle theme's "pointedness" carried to the outside edge of the main viewing area.

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"GM's infamous Fortune cover cars"???I'm not familiar with this infamous reference. Can someone enlighten me? I have searched the covers of Fortune magazines from the '80s and can't find anything regarding GM.

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