1964 1/2 Ford Mustang

Rear 3/4 view

12 Notice the exemplary way the creases fade into plain surfaces. Very nice indeed.

13 One of the nicest surface details was the indent that surrounded the backlight, giving clear definition to the upper structure.

14 The rear fender peak is so subtly curved that it's very nearly straight. All the emphasis in the design is on apparent length. Nicely achieved.

15 The fuel-filler cap carried the badge and was quite elegant.

16 The way the body turned under at the back lightened the whole composition visually and helped to avoid the blunt, cliff like rear ends that we've become accustomed to today. Altogether, the Mustang was a really good, simple design, which is why it lives on with very few changes.

17 Sill trim is pretty much an anachronism now, but it was thought to be necessary in the 1960s.

Interior View

19 Stamping the upper door panels with textured steel so it looked like leather was a clever detail.

20 Door trim panels were simple inserts and could be color-coordinated with the hue used on the faux-leather surround.

21 The deep-dish steering wheel was very Detroit but not particularly sporty, despite fake lightening "holes" in the spokes' trim pieces.

22 The doublebump cowl was a nod to British sports cars like the MG TD -- and it worked well.

23 There was nothing sporty at all in the instrument cluster -- no tach and minimal gauges. But you could buy a "Rally-Pac" to get what you needed. Or thought you did.

24 Front buckets were an overt, and acknowledged, copy of the Lotus Elan's seats.

25 This lever is for the optional four-speed gearbox, which had a nice reverse lock-out trigger. Mustangs were very easy to drive, with decent ergonomics.

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Robert,Looking over Barney Clark's proposal, it also looks like he proposed something that sounds very much like what Trans Am racing was in the late 1960s.

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