Porsche 918 Spyder

1. Yes, Ferrari was there nearly fifty years ago, and McLaren did much the same twin-inlet design on the F1. And why not? It is perfectly logical.

2. This separate carbon-fiber molding gives definition, but it is so low as to be seriously vulnerable in normal road driving.

3. Little indents for the headlamp covers provide visual structure to the front end. Contrast this with the fat forms of earlier Porsches.

4. The entire rear body is larger than the front, effectively becoming a huge scoop. Its leading edge profile parallels the graceful door cut, while a door indent channels more air to the engine bay. Count on the exhaust coming out the back in production, though.

5. Pierced transparent wheel covers are high on decoration, null for practicality. How do you clean brake dust? It's hard enough to get it off aluminum wheels that don't scratch so easily.

6. Not only are these knife edges unusual for Porsche, the lines result in sharp points both behind the front wheel housing and at the outer edge of the rear cooling outlets.

7. The sharp trailing edge of the rear fender sweeps gracefully across the entire rear of the body. It's a little surprising that there is no clearly delineated license-plate position.

8. Shades of Jaguar's levitating shift dial. These scoops apparently rise above the surface as needed (and as shown here), rather like the rear flaps on other Porsches.

9. Everyone must have a diffuser, functional or not. Count on this one working. Hard.

10. This is the approximate center of an almost-perfect circle circumscribing all surfaces ahead of the doors. There is a tiny point on the bumper, but not on the outlet slot . . .

11. . . . which is concentric with the perimeter of the whole.

12. The convex outer surface of the headrests changes abruptly to a concave descent toward the scoop indents, establishing a sharp profile line. Again, artful and elegant.

13. This knife edge is dramatic and dynamic and would work extremely well on a coupe, too.

14. The fixed, freestanding rear wing turns downward at the tips, recalling the integrated wing of the 959 supercar. The elliptical trailing edge is both pretty and aerodynamically efficient.

15. Very nicely shaped headlamp covers recall Italian racers more than Volkswagen/Porsche 356 lights.

16. These crisp peaks on the fenders break sharply with Porsche surface traditions.

17. Notice the complex cutline between the center body and the tail cover. Every cutline on the body is elegantly artful, especially on the aft ends of the doors.

18. Another sharp surface change on the rear fenders gives direction and avoids the pudgy look of early Komenda designs like the 356.

19. The circular theme in plan view is carried across the instrument panel just at the intersection of the windshield base.

20. A very science-fiction sideview camera will have to come eventually. The technology is ready, even if the auto industry is not.

21. What?! No shift lever? Not really needed with the dual-clutch automatic gearbox. And there are paddles.

22. Beautifully coordinated curves for the body-side scoop and the door cut.

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