Toyota FT-86

1. All of these sharp creases are related to the comet-tail shape radiating from the big Toyota badge. OK, but a bit boring.

2. This windshield looks tailor-made for a later droptop version of the FT-86.

3. Triangular Alfa Romeo-style "eye slit" is derivative but looks sporty and serious.

4. One hopes that the production version really will have functional brake-cooling scoops.

5. Notice how the skin pushes out from the base surface around the grille.

6. Flattened hexagonal texture is boring, too. The production version needs to be more distinctive.

7. Deep indent below the edge of the rear deck gives the impression of a substantial spoiler.

8. Taillights that are tucked under the deck-lid edge are very well integrated into the composition of the rear end.

9. This is one serious-looking diffuser. Or the simulacrum of one.

10. The exhausts, too, look as if they should be evacuating seven or eight liters' worth of power.

11. Crisp edges define demarcation of the side and rear surfaces and also add a welcome sense of intent.

12. The upswept side line that almost all carmakers use now will quickly lose favor. It stiffens side stampings nicely, but it's much too common.

13. This separation crease, which gives a distinct front fender, is currently used on many Japanese cars, especially Mazdas.

14. The interior door panels are understatedly simple and provide a kind of elegance that more complexity would erase.

15. This simple, almost austere panel appears right for a sports car and is as purposeful as that impressive diffuser under the tail as a statement of purpose.

16. All of the driver's information is located above the steering-column axis. It is all very clear and quite welcome.

17. The flat-bottomed steering wheel is completely appropriate for a sports car.

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The parking brake seems placed exactly where you wouldn't want it (between the driver and the shifter). Also, what's up with the window slits in the A pillars? Is that just a concept thing? Or will it be in the production version?

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