BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

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1. Ignore all the lines and openings along the side of the car and note the elegant and sporty centerline profile.

2. The side daylight-opening line is subtly faceted rather than being the smooth single curve one might expect. The Hofmeister kink is just barely retained.

3. This hanging panel makes one think of the "barge boards" on a modern Formula 1 car, no bad thing for a coupe, however unexpected.

4. High-pressure air in the front wheelhouses is evacuated in linear flow between the undercut body side and the hanging board.

5. The body side rolls under and inward, while the leading edge of the lower rear fender directs air inward toward the rear brakes and what might be thought of as a downforce-generating diffuser.

6. Fan-shaped wheels completely fill the opening, obviating the necessity for fender skirts as a drag-reduction measure.

7. This extension of the rear fender hangs down, unattached to other parts of the body. It directs airflow from beneath the car.

8. The way the doors open is not new, but the effect is much like the wings of an insect.

9. The polycarbonate roof covers a few structural elements that both provide strength and reassure passengers.

10. An electrical plug on a BMW? Around town, one might never engage the diesel, so a full battery charge first thing in the morning is important.

11. Traditional four headlamps are rectangular, a big change for BMW.

12. Looking rather like the protective side plates on a Roman helmet, these panels direct air toward the front brakes and down the side of the body.

13. New grille texture with two chrome bars per side again represents change within continuity. Expect to see this in production soon.

14. The center bumper fascia rolls from vertical to horizontal and extends outward in blades beneath the headlamps.

15. A subtle crease line defines the inner edge of the front-fender form, which extends back into the A-pillar base.

16. This thin blue line ties together disparate elements front to rear, adding character without weight.

17. The engine compartment is ventilated by dramatic ductwork that allows heat energy to flow over the roof.

18. Both tips of the rear fender profile are totally separate, again evoking F1.

19. Taillights are slim vertically but extremely long and give the impression of floating in space.

20. The statutory CHMSL is external to the overall body form, presumably to keep glare out of the enclosed cabin.

21. The C-pillar is flared horizontally, then swings inward across the rear to shroud the red lamp blades, with the thin blue definition line at its edge.

22. Large openings imply downforce diffusers, one more racing hint in the composition.

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