2009 Nissan 370Z

1 Notice that the taillights can easily be seen from a 45-degree angle forward of the lamp, a positive safety factor.

2 The vertical door handle has become a Nissan signature. And why not? It works fine and gives some distinction to the car.

3 This sill indent allows the rear surface to flare out to cover the wheel while keeping the waist trim.

4 This painted spear point is not particularly attractive, but again it provides a distinctive feature not seen on other cars.

5 A rising line here lifts the front end visually, even if the forward body panels are in fact very close to the ground.

6 This hard line at the intersection of the hood and the front fascia recapitulates the hard surface break on the original 240Z.

7 The two vertical blades in the front air inlet might well direct cooling air toward the front brakes, but more important, they provide a visual signature from the front end.

8 The fender shape rolls inward from the wheelhouse, giving the impression of a bulge without actually being one, for lower aerodynamic resistance.

9 The painted panel "spear" motif is carried through for the rear lamps, where it looks less strange than it does on the front end.

10 This crisp line across the rear and into the body side cuts visual mass on the rear and gives the impression of less vertical height on the back of the car.

11 Dual exhaust outlets provide a visual signal of power.

12 The indented cover on the back is big enough to accommodate license plates from every jurisdiction in the world - a clever way to save on tooling costs. This is good design.

13 Putting the tachometer front and center is a tried and true racing approach, and it works very well here.

14 Minor instruments are given importance by being placed high on the panel, even though few drivers may actually read these gauges.

15 The various seat controls are placed on the seat sides rather than being hidden in front, a logical, direct, and rational choice.

16 Putting ventilation outlets in the door panels is unusual but also sensible and distinctive. The whole interior is well designed psychologically and functionally.

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