2008 Mazda Kiyora - By Design

1. Very short overhangs are highly desirable for a city car, making for easy parking.

2. The base of the windshield at the front-wheel centerline ensures that most of the length is given to the interior.

3. The structure inside the door is scarcely visible from outside. The surface is in waves, following the water theme.

4. A slight upturn at the end of the roof helps aerodynamics and provides a focal point for the upswept side glazing.

5. This sump collects rainwater (and dirt and bird droppings) and diverts flow down and forward to a water bottle.

6. Grooves machined into the roof meander like a stream.

7. The taillights repeat the flow theme, but with directionality that's missing in the roof grooves.

8. The doors swing upward to compensate for their length, making entry in parking garages easier.

9. Turbine-blade wheels recall impellers in hydroelectric installations.

10. Blunt, high nose is good for pedestrian safety. Air flows around the sides more than over the top for good aerodynamic penetration.

11. The steering wheel's complex forms were realized by stereolithography and feel very nice in the driver's hands.

12. An organic web of shapes covers the activated carbon air filter.

13. The cantilevered front seats flow from the center, embracing the overall design theme while remaining extremely comfortable.

14. The recycled-water bottle lies beneath a floating, flowing center console.

15. The side-impact spar in the door also serves as an armrest.

16. A double-level woven vinyl membrane stretches under passenger weight to form a sling seat, or it can be pushed forward by luggage for extra trunk volume when there are no passengers.

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