2011 Automobile of the Year Finalists

5. Chevrolet Volt
General Motors' long-anticipated and much-talked-about moon-shot vehicle is finally here, and it's on-time and very good. The degree to which the Volt's extended-range electric powertrain portends the future can be debated, but plenty of manufacturers are readying similar systems. GM just happens to be the first.

While I think the 2011 Saab 9-5 should be car of the year, it's not on the list. So I would either go with the CTS-V wagon or the Grand Cherokee.
I think it will end up being the sonata. Either that or the XJ. Of course, almost all of these finalists are good. I don't disagree with any of them.
The Volt must be the Automobile of the Year - it is the first of it's kind, the first of more to come. It is the first useful - really useful and practical electric car. Split hairs and pinch mosquitos all you want about it's geek-filled powertrain, it isn't really this and it isn't that - but all you come up with is the bottom line: you can drive it daily and may never put any gas in it! Got your attention? Good!That's why it's the Automobile of the Year.
Where is the new Porsche Cayenne, which is the best SUV today.It's more relevant and affordable than the A8 for example.
My list:1. Sonata (There have been cars that have pushed the envelope of style or powertrain or value, but for the Sonata to hit everything out the park is deceptively impressive.)2. Volt (A possible powertrain of tomorrow, today.)3. XJ (A styling masterpiece with driving dynamics beyond reproach.)It's going to take some cool heads to pick a family sedan over something like a 556hp hot-rod coupe, but ultimately, the sedan is exponentially more significant.
Apples and oranges....I think it's a ten-way tie! Lotsa great products in that list.

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