1967 MGB/GT Special: Driving from California to Michigan

Rusty Blackwell Mike McPike
1967 MGB/GT Special: Driving from California to Michigan

Day 7 (West Liberty, IA to Chelsea, MI): Don't-roll-off-the-trailer paranoia

Wednesday (intended overnight stop: home; actual overnight stop: home--finally!)

Next door to the EconoLodge, Mom's Kitchen (a restaurant/laundromat/general store) serves up a real meal while we wait for our ride. While we're loitering, we calculate that the MG averaged 22 mpg and 760 mpq (miles per quart of oil) over about 1900 miles--not bad.

Gracious friend John Bishop arrives around 1pm with his Ford Explorer Sport Trac and his brand-new trailer. We speed across the Mississippi River, skirt around the southern edge of Chicago, and by 11pm, the car is parked safely at Bishop's house in Chelsea, Michigan (where we eventually bleed the brakes and learn that my understanding wife actually likes the B/GT when she sees it in person).

This road trip was a blast. But for our next cross-country excursion, I'm pretty sure that McPike and I will take a new car. Maybe even something comfortable, quiet, and boring enough to warrant listening to the radio.

Miles driven: 0.2; miles trailered: 456

Click here to see a map of the route. Also, make sure to check out the finds that could have been on the next page.

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