FEATURES: Diesels Feature: Cars on Sale Soon

July 2, 2007
Over the next few years, the number of automakers offering diesel engines will continue to increase. Below is a list of forthcoming diesel cars we know about -- and when to expect them to go on sale.
Car NameWhen to expect it
{{{Audi Q7}}} 3.0 TDI2008
{{{BMW}}} 330d 2008
{{{BMW X5}}} 3.0d 2008
{{{Cadillac CTS}}}-D 2010
{{{Chevrolet Silverado}}} 4.5 V-8 Diesel2010
{{{Dodge Ram 1500}}} 4.2 V-6 Diesel 2010
{{{Ford Expedition}}} 4.4 V-8 Diesel 2009
{{{Ford F-150}}} 4.4 V-8 Diesel 2009
{{{GMC Sierra}}} 4.5 V-8 Diesel 2010
{{{Honda Accord}}} Diesel 2009
{{{Hummer H2}}} 4.5 V-8 Diesel 2010
{{{Hyundai Veracruz}}} Diesel 2009
{{{Mitsubishi Lancer}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Mitsubishi Outlander}}} Diesel 2011
{{{Nissan Maxima}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Nissan Titan}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Nissan Versa}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Saturn Aura}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Toyota Tundra}}} Diesel 2010
{{{Volkswagen Jetta}}} Clean Diesel 2008
{{{Volkswagen}}} Tiguan Clean Diesel 2008
{{{Volkswagen Touareg}}} 3.0 V6 TDI 2009
Below are links to reviews of the gas versions of some of those cars.


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