In Gear: Ferrari Toys

February 14, 2005
0503 Ingear LegoF1
1. Lego Racers Ferrari F1 Racer 1:24
This fabulous F1 car will set junior Ferrari hearts ablaze. It features a powerful pull-back motor and enough authentic sponsor logos to make you feel as if you're trackside. $15
0503 Ingear Legoenzo
2. Lego Racers Enzo Ferrari 1:17
At more than ten inches long, this Enzo kit (which can be assembled alternately as a Ferrari 333SP) is packed with neat features, such as a flip-up engine cover, grippy tires on bling-tastic Lego wheels, and a surprisingly well-replicated V-12 engine. We suggest ordering directly from Lego rather than Ferrari, where the same kits command premium prices and ship from Italy. $40
0503 Ingear Drawing
3. Amerispec Ferrari Coloring Book
With line drawings of forty-nine of Ferrari's most notable models, this coloring book is sure to give Ferrari fans of any age crayon-induced carpal-tunnel syndrome. At this price, however, we suggest you keep it away from the kids and their dirty little hands. $25
4. Lego Racers Ferrari F1 Pit Set
0503 Ingear Legopitcrew
The jam-packed, 206-piece pit set includes an F1 car, six crew members, a driver, and tons of sweet tools. We can't even begin to tell you how cool the little Lego handtruck is. One caveat: Kid-size fingers and adult-size patience are required for sticker application. $30
5. Ferrari Challenge Stradale Surfboard
0503 Ingear Surfboard
It's big, red, and expensive, just like your typical Ferrari car. At seven feet long, this ultralight board is limited to 425 units and is U.S.-exclusive to Decret of Beverly Hills. $5000


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