In Gear: Automotive Design Watches

January 4, 2005
FAST TIMES Whether you need a quick music fix or an instant lap time at the track, or you just want a cool watch, these designs hit the mark.
1. Mini Chronograph
Weirdest. Strap. Ever. A spring steel core in a soft covering allows this Mini-gauge-inspired watch to go without a fastener. Undeniably playful in an undeniably Mini way. $160
2. BMW MP3 Watch
This sporty watch features 256 or 512 MB of MP3-holding memory for on-the-go rockin', Bimmer-style. Includes earbuds and an extension for the integrated USB cable in the wristband. $275 (256 MB), $350 (512 MB)
3. Oris Williams F1 Team chronograph
As close as you'll get to the cockpit of a Williams F1 car, unless your name is Mark Webber. The Formula 1-styled face will have you telling time at more than 200 mph, even if you're sitting still. $2125
4. TAG Heuer Carrera 1964 Limited Edition
Using the forty-year-old original as a template, this fully modern and elegant timepiece adds to the Carrera legacy and simply looks fantastic. Limited to 1964 units. $2650
5. Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Chronograph
Everyone will know you're a racing fan when they see this on your wrist. With the Mille Miglia logo serving as the hour hand and 722 (Stirling Moss's 1955 start time and car number) emblazoned at seven o'clock, you'll never lack racing cred. $240
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