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Each of the two Automobile Magazine scavenger hunt teams tackled the mighty 127 Corridor yard sale armed with three things:
1. A minivan
2. A roadmap
3. And this list of 127 eclectic items:

· Hot Wheels racetracks
· Big Wheel
· Vintage Pottery, bonus if animal figurines
· Tacky keychains
· False teeth
· Steering wheel
· Barefoot shaped accelerator pedal
· Old road-trip games
· Automobile Magazine's premier issue
· Automotive themed patches or T-shirt iron-ons
· Snap On tools
· Paperback copy of The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test
· Anything from Kenner's M.A.S.K. line of toys
· Lawn darts (the dangerous kind)
· Vintage Dukes of Hazzard iron-on shirt (Knight Rider is acceptable)
· Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket
· ColecoVision game system (Atari 2600 or Intellivision will suffice)
· Hot Wheels car wash with the spin dry at the end
· Lamborghini Countach poster
· Pontiac Fiero pop-up headlamp
· Bobble-head doll depicting any major league baseball mascot
· The Cab-Driver's Secret! Beaded car seat cover
· Corvette "USA-1" license plate
· VHS or Beta copy of "Breakin'" the movie
· Back issue of Teen Beat magazine
· Wood-mounted, illustrated copy of the poem "Footprints"
· Dekalb "flying corn" sign
· Doll with big ruffly skirt for covering toilet-paper roll
· Pristine hardcover copy of The Sound and the Fury
· Spiral-bound Junior League cookbook
· Feather-and-beadwork roach-clip hair accessory
· Jack Daniels (or Jim Beam) bar mirror
· Throw pillow puff-painted with vines, blossoms, and birds
· Bottle of sand from Destin Beach
· License plate featuring Elvis's "takin' care of business in a flash" logo
· Any item sporting the words "New Orleans: Birthplace of Jazz"
· Precious Moments angel Christmas ornament
· Hunting knife with leather case
· Acrylic blanket with an eagle in flight and the wistful profile of a long-haired Native American
· Crystalesque figurine of any of the following: fire fighter, Mickey Mouse, teddy bear, child in pajamas with open trap-door, Jesus (bonus points for two or more of the above as part of the same figurine)
· NASCAR foam beer-can holder
· Chrysler Cordoba hubcap gold medallion in the center
· Rudge 3-speed bicycles, w/ original, Brooks leather saddle
· WPA regional guides
· 1960s copies of the Saturday Evening Post
· MGB hardtop
· 1960s Blaupunkt/Becker/Motorola car radios
· Pittsburgh pirates/Roberto Clemente/Willie Stargell memorobilia
· Lancia memorabilia and literature
· Grille for 1965 Alfa Guilia super
· Swizzle stick
· Pisces astrological medallion
· Sunbeam Tiger shift knob
· Dan Gurney for President bumper sticker
· Copy of Stand On It! by Stroker Ace
· Foam-and-mesh baseball cap bearing the words "Over 60 and Feelin' Sexy"
· Chopper handlebar
· Mousetrap board game
· Kiss (the band) doll
· Magic 8-Ball
· Game of Life
· Chatty Kathy Doll
· Easy Bake Oven
· Anything Play-Doh
· Fur Cover for steering wheel
· Ford Model A "Ah-OO-Ga" horn
· G.I. Joe
· Pet Rocks
· Lee Press-On Nails
· Energizer Bunny
· "Six Million Dollar Man" action figure with roll-up rubber arm
· Stretch Armstrong
· Anything "Love Is..."
· "Disappearing clothes" ballpoint pen (either gender)
· Hot Wheels "Twin Mill"
· Candy shaped like a body part
· Brown jug with "XXX" painted on it
· Popiel Pocket Fisherman
· The Clapper
· Skull-shaped candle
· Copy of Thus Spake David E. (bonus if signed by the author)
· Hookah
· Balsa-wood glider kit
· Any automotive press kit
· U.S. flag with 48 (or fewer) stars
· Renault Le Car, Subaru BRAT, or Volkswagen Beetle sales literature
· Anything Richard Petty
· Model T part
· Studebaker hubcap
· Issue of Mechanix Illustrated with Tom Cahill cover blurb
· Aftermarket 8-track player
· Cadillac hood ornament
· AMC Pacer sales literature
· Stop sign
· Indy 500 beer mug
· Driver's ed manual
· 1965 Michigan license plate
· Barbie toy car (any, but must be pink)
· Anything unicorn
· Old Broadway Playbills
· Self-Breathalyzer
· Praying hands nightlight
· Cabbage Patch Kid
· Tap shoes, adult size
· Ozzy and Sharon bobblehead dolls
· Painting of a sad-eyed orphan-looking child with the pointy head, on velvet
· Paint-by-number of The Last Supper
· Rat Fink figurine
· Garden Gnome
· Pee Wee's Playhouse play set
· Anything "W.W.J.D."
· Gambling dogs picture
· Tin army men
· Children's books from the '40s and '50s
· Jim Crow stuff
· Weathervane
· Antique vanity items—brushes, combs, etc.
· Vintage Coca-Cola items
· Wind-up toys
· Gumby and Pokey dolls
· Memorabilia for Tom Terrific, Tennessee Tuxedo, Huckleberry Hound, or Rocky & Bullwinkle.
· Peace sign pendant on leather string
· Mexican-style poncho
· 1967 Corvette
· Vintage license plate with "County Coroner" I.D.

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Automobile Magazine's executive assistant, with one of the 127 Corridor's many vendors.

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