The Chevrolet Express is the standard work van that has been used by professional service providers for many years. These utility cargo vans are what you normally see the cable guy, carpenters, electricians and heating and cooling specialists driving. These vans are often used as transport vehicles for big groups. You can seat up to 15 passengers in the Express if you have it fitted with the bench seats instead of the empty back ready to fill with our customized tool chests. These are not made to be an everyday driver or are they suited for a family vehicle. The Chevy Express is work truck in the shape of a van.

This big cargo van comes the a standard 6 speed automatic transmission that makes carrying big loads a snap and can also save some money for those drivers who have a heavy foot. These vans offer total fuel flexibility. You can run all the Express models on gasoline or on E85 fuel. There are many options to choose from and there are many aftermarket kits that allow you to dress these vans up however you like.

Bodystyle: Van
Engines: 4.3L V-6, 4.8L V-8, 5.3L V-8, 6.0L V-8, 6.6L diesel V-8
Transmissions: Six-speed automatic, four-speed automatic
Models: G1500, G2500, G3500

GM’s 6.6-liter Duramax diesel is new for the Express, and available for the first time on 3500 passenger vans. The 4.8-liter is standard on the 2500 passenger van. StabiliTrak is standard, locking differential available on all models. OnStar 9.0 is standard on passenger, available on cargo and some cutaways. Digital radio is optional, with XM and Bluetooth available. Mobile WiFi is a dealer-installed option.

No exterior changes for 2011. The Chevy and GMC versions are distinguished only by their grilles. Cargo vans with sliding rear right-hand doors have windows behind the driver/passenger-door windows, while 60/40 swing-open doors are paneled.

Cargo vans have bare-steel interior panels and rubberized vinyl floors. Passenger vans get two to four rows of bench seats behind two buckets up front. Cutaway van configurations depend on designs of various conversion companies.

The addition of standard StabiliTrak reflects concerns over cornering stability in large passenger/cargo vans in general. GM claims best-in-class torque, 660 pound-feet, and horsepower, 365, for the new iron block and head Duramax V-8 turbodiesel available in the heavy-duty vans. While not subject to EPA fuel mileage ratings, it’s likely the most fuel efficient of engines available in the Express.

StabiliTrak is standard. Cargo vans get driver and front-passenger airbags with a passenger deactivation switch. Passenger vans get head/curtain airbags for the first three rows only. Twelve- and 15-passenger models come with enhanced technology glass.

G1500 (4.3L) RWD: 15 city mpg/20 highway mpg
G1500 (5.3L) RWD: 13 city mpg/18 highway mpg
G1500 (5.3L) AWD: 13 city mpg/17 highway mpg
G2500 (6.0L) RWD: 10 city mpg/16 highway mpg
G3500 (6.0L) RWD: 10-11 city mpg/16 highway mpg

  • Utility
  • Simplicity
  • Cargo capacity/passenger capacity
  • Diesel power, economy
  • Bulkiness
  • Dated body configuration

Old school cargo/passenger transport


  • Freightliner Sprinter
  • Ford E-Series

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