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2012 BMW M3

Fair Market Price $35,347 Base Coupe
Motor Trend Rating


14 City / 20 Hwy

Horse Power:

414 @ 8300


295 @ 3900

Sum Up


Anyone interested in the 2012 BMW M3 looking for good looks and performance is going to be pleased. This model, available in coupe or convertible body styles has a lot going for it. The exterior is pleasing to the eye with lots of detailed body work. The assertive looking design will get plenty of attention from BMW lovers and car enthusiasts alike. Inside the cabin, BMW kept up the tradition of using high quality materials and solid construction practices to make the interior comfortable, stylish, and functional. Of course, the available powertrain has to be one of the most appealing aspects of this model. The M3’s 4.0-liter V-8 offers up an impressive ride with lots of power. The performance and handling capabilities of this model are sure to impress the most demanding, discriminating drivers as well. The M3 is worth a look at if you are looking for a fun car with lots of standard features.

New For 2012

For the 2012 model year BMW made some changes to the M3 line up. Things to look out for include:

  • New standard features for the coupe and convertible including anti-theft alarm, the BMW assist system, and Bluetooth capabilities as well as USB/iPod interface.
  • The M3 sedan is no longer available.


The 2012 BMW M3 is available in two body styles, the coupe and the convertible. The sedan version is discontinued for this model year. Other than the different body styles, the M3 is available in one trim level though there are several option packages to choose from for customization. The basic trim level is equipped with 18 inch wheels, though M3 models equipped with the Competition package have 19 inch wheels. BMW is well known for their unique and distinctive body designs and the M3 is no exception. The front end and grille are highly stylized with the split styled grille and deep set headlights. The hood and front fenders feature a fin like design with plenty of wow factor. The sides and doors of this model have lines in the metal work at window level and near the bottom of the exterior panels.

Interior & Cargo

There are many advantages to the cabin of the 2012 M3. This car has all of the attractive materials and features BMW is famous for, though in a slightly minimalistic way. Both the coupe and the convertible are equipped with the easy to use iDrive interface system, which is necessary for the optional navigation system package. Additionally, the M3 is equipped with nice, comfortable seats in the front and back, comfortable for long drives or even forceful driving. Be warned however that the back seat isn’t spacious enough for adult sized passengers to be comfortable for long. The two body styles do offer some opposing features. In the convertible M3, BMW has provided heat-resistant leather seating. This feature ensures passengers stay comfortable with the top down in sunny weather. The coupe version has an automatic arm that places the seatbelt for the passenger.

The overall interior design is well done with lots of leather and wood accents. Metallic accents help add to the design and give the cabin a bit of shine in all the right places. While less extravagant then some people may like, the cabin is well constructed with high quality materials.


Like some of the other aspects of the M3, the coupe and convertible versions have some distinctions in terms of standard safety features. They both are equipped with anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control as well as front seat airbags. The coupe models are also equipped with full length side curtain airbags. On the other hand, the convertible M3 has safety rollover hoops and front seat airbags that come to head level. Additionally, the M3 performed incredibly well in braking tests. This model, during test drives, was able to come to a complete stop from 60 mph in the very short distance of 100 feet.

Driving Experience

BMW is known for providing their cars with impressive powertrains and the 2012 M3 is well equipped in this category. All models have a 4.0-liter V-8 complete with a standard six-speed manual transmission. The M3 is also available with a seven speed dual clutch automated manual transmission or the M DCT as an option. This powertrain produces 414 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. In terms of fuel economy the M3 is estimated to get 14/20 mpg city/highway.

There isn’t much negative that could be said about the driving experience with the 2012 BMW M3. This car has no trouble with acceleration and keeping up with whatever the driver wants to do. It takes a courageous driver to actually take the M3 as far as it can go in terms of grip and handling. Even with all of this performance, the M3 continues to provide a comfortable ride on all types of road conditions.

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