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2010 Aston Martin DB9

MSRP $183,070 Base (Manual) Coupe
Motor Trend Rating


11 City / 17 Hwy

Horse Power:

470 @ 6000


443 @ 5000

Aston Martin does not make any “normal” cars, all of their vehicles are built for performance and the DB9 is no exception to this rule. With a huge 470 HP V-12 this high performance machine from Aston Martin is ready for the Autobahn. The DB9 is one of the strongest grand touring vehicles that are made readily available to the public.

The Aston Martin DB9 is one hot ride. This highway cruiser is no stranger to speeds well into the triple digits. If you are looking for a car that is going to turn heads of passersby as well as the highway authorities, then this is probably not a good choice. There are many luxury sports cars that allow you to drive fast, but there are none that allow you to ride in such style. The Aston Martin company has built their name by building the best European sports cars in the world.

Available in coupe and volante models, the sleek styling of this vehicle gives a very sexy look and over the rear wheels this car actually has hips.

Bodystyles: Coupe, convertible
Engine: 6.0L V-12
Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic
Models: DB9 Coupe, DB9 Volante

In 2009, the convertible DB9 Volante was added to the lineup, and previously the DB9’s V-12 was bumped from 450 to 470 horsepower. Changes for 2010 are nil.

Somewhat restrained, but oh, so elegant, the DB9 has just enough flash to stand out among the ultra luxury coupe competition, but not so much that the camera phone crowd will make you feel like a celebrity.

As with most Astons, it’s wood and aluminum all the way in the DB9’s cabin. The DB9 is technically a 2+2 with small back seats, but in all honestly, they’re utterly worthless for carrying people.

Out on the road, the DB9 could be made just a touch softer. Initial impact harshness is a bit strong for the nature of the car, possibly made worse by spring and damper rates that were made firmer several years back. Still, that’s not enough to stave off enthusiasm for the driving experience with effortless power and an exotic exhaust growl. The Volante is well-stiffened with virtually no cowl shake and a solid feel overall.

The DB9 includes dual-stage driver as standard, along with side airbags. Stability and traction control are both standard and automatically deployed roll-over bars are standard on Volante models.

Coupe: 13 mpg city/20 mpg highway
Volante: 11 mpg city/17 mpg highway (manual)

  • Low-key yet exotic styling
  • Effortless power
  • Luxurious cabin
  • Lack of cowl shake in Volante
  • Questionable reliability
  • Worthless rear seats
  • Ergonomic faults

The ultimate cross-country transport


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