Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept Shown at 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

Despite Subaru’s April Fool’s joke about a diesel BRZ convertible last year, the Subaru Cross Sport Design -- essentially a BRZ wagon -- is no joke. It’s a real concept car at the 2013 Tokyo auto show, and although we have no idea whether it will make production, it’s an undeniably cool take on the crossover.

Our colleagues at Motor Trend report that the Subaru Cross Sport Design is slightly longer than a BRZ, with a higher ride height and a more upright rear hatch area. It still has two doors, and it’s still powered by a boxer engine driving the rear wheels, but it has a CVT in place of the BRZ’s conventional six-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

In front, the Cross Sport Design looks much like a BRZ, with slightly modified headlights and flared out fenders that give it an Outback-ish look. Viewed from the profile, the Cross Sport Design has a much longer roof that allows the rear seats to be pushed back for more room. The interior is totally redone, with a modernized layout featuring a large center LCD screen, a push-button gear selector, and a new flat-bottom steering wheel. The rear of the Cross Sport Design is also new, with a split tailgate design replacing the BRZ’s trunk and presumably providing more cargo room.

We have no idea if this Cross Sport Design concept is destined for production anytime soon, but one can only hope. Apparently Subaru says this concept aims to show its idea of what urban SUVs and crossovers will look like in the future. That’s a future we can live with -- after all, who doesn’t love a BRZ wagon?

Freitas João Pedro
It would be great car with a SAAB label on it.
My DrEaM CaR
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Manny Gutierrez
Looks like a Hyundai Veloster, lack of attitude and furthermore lack of creativity. In one word, TRASH!!!
While returning ground clearance close to BRZ levels, I would want to make sure that it has useful suspension travel to handle our deteriorating roads.
Better looking than anything Subaru is currently building (and I like Subarus).  But I see it as a BRZ variant, not as a crossover and would want to reduce the ground clearance.  However, I would like to see four smaller doors.  Coupe doors make getting in and out very difficult in parking lots.  Putting their typical symmetrical AWD in this with the engine perched in front of the front axle would be an abomination.  I would start with a rear transaxle RWD layout and consider a rear mid-engine with power also sent to the front axles as an AWD alternative.  That flat 4 and 6 could easily be packaged to provide a decent load floor and good cargo capacity.  I don't know how much more it would cost to build it that way, probably more than Subaru can throw at such a novel product. Toyota, however, does have the cash.  But I doubt it has the balls. 
Tim Lucas
I was seeing Mazda CX7
Tim Lucas
Is it a 2-door? SUV? What's the point in this? I think the Mini Paceman already proved that's not a good idea.
Rick Mente
Japanese Dodge Magnum? Don't care for either one.
Abhay Kumar Verma
Rashid Ali
Kyle Johnson
If it comes in AWD I am sold
Tod C. Kerstetter
shooting brake!
Lee Klein
No. The proportions are too weird, don't like that mouth, but the eyes are cool.
Rick Reny
Well, its better looking than a Cayenne, but thats not saying much
Gillian Machidi
Elements of a Panamera
Philippe Thomas
Superbe les concessionnaires vont être contents
Hugh Cooper
shooting break
Herbert Salamánca Ramos
It's actually nice, classy
Nestle Salcedo
It is a BRZ SUV!!!!!'t try to build something that it will end up like the Subaru the coupe!
Leo Perez
UGLY as HELL!!!!!!
John Boho
I love it! I'd rather see a shorter hatchback version, but this is good too.
Jeff Christopherson
As long as it does NOT have a CVT option.
Tim Kastner
Build it!
Samuel O Lee
That is a very crude mock-up. Can't tell much from that, but I like the idea.
Jay Skullangel Michael
Eric Seeger
The profile of this car is great. Too bad that photo got buried under all the three-quarter views. Build it, and I will buy it.
Ken Beckmann
If it is AWD and Turbo...
Benjamin Leighton Jr
I hate cross breed autos.
Jeff Farmer
Do a 4 door.
Clarence Rogers
Ferrari FF, anyone?
A Subaru take on the Volvo C30 ( I like it! Unfortunately the C30 has not sold well so I doubt Subaru will make this.
Kyree S. Williams
I say go for it!
Paul Collins
just work on the STi version first....please.
Al Lebo
Build the roadster.
Matt Droste
I like it Kyle, looks aggressive.
Kyle MacDermaid
Matt Droste
Dennis San Vicente
...much better sooBahroo sporting brand than a planned BRZ sedan version.
Chris Prather
Who cares? Where is the new WRX already???
Md Saddam Ansari
Ross Mazin
Love it
R Scott Torgan
much better than the WRXcamryvolvo revealed the other it!
Roger Escuain
Hira Ahad Siddiqui
Nãveeñ Ýuvi Eãçhur
M Edward Smith
Matthew Goodman
100% luv.

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