2015 Lexus RC Debuts at 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

Ever since the redesigned Lexus IS compact sport sedan debuted, we’ve been waiting for the coupe version of Lexus’ smallest sedan. Well, it’s finally here, and it will be called the 2015 Lexus RC when it makes its official debut at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. At the show, Lexus will show RC350 and RC300h hybrid models powered by, respectively, a 3.5-liter V-6 and a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive -- the same hybrid system as the Europe-only Lexus IS300h sedan.

The 2015 Lexus RC’s styling diverges from the sedan with a different take on the polarizing Lexus spindle grille. Up front, the RC has a wider, lower grille opening than the sedan with chrome trim and fog lights integrated into the lower edges of the exaggerated lower intake. The split headlight design with an L-shaped strip of LEDs remains from the sedan, but the triangular headlights are narrower and lead more into the bulging hood and flared fenders of the RC coupe. Moving down the side, the Lexus RC has a distinct character line that dips down below the side mirrors and then rises toward the rear fenders. These rear fenders flare out to meet aggressive-looking air intakes that flank the dual exhaust pipes out back; viewed from the rear, the 2015 Lexus RC looks especially low and wide. Although certain design cues from the IS sedan are gone, like the sharp-edged, sloping taillights, the overall look of the coupe is like a slightly longer, lower, and wider version of the sedan.

The 2015 Lexus RC in these early photos does not appear to have received the F-Sport treatment, so we wonder if these modifications might lend a more aggressive look to the RC as they do on the IS. We hope the Lexus LF-A-inspired gauge cluster from the IS F-Sport makes its way to the RC. The overall interior design of the Lexus RC is practically a copy of the IS sedan’s, with a cockpit-like feel thanks to the tiered dashboard. The center stack is made up of capacitive touch controls and small buttons for the audio system, along with Lexus’ mouse-like infotainment controller. Lexus does say that the RC will receive new interior colors, including a trim color called Clove, to provide a high-contrast look.

The 2015 Lexus RC rides on the same platform as the Lexus IS, but with a slightly shorter wheelbase and a wider track. The RC is also a bit lower and longer than the sedan. We expect the 2015 Lexus RC coupe to feature the same powertrain lineup as the IS in the U.S., which comes with either a 2.5-liter, 204-hp V-6 in the IS250 or a 3.5-liter, 306-hp V-6. All-wheel-drive should be an option with both engines as it is with the sedan, and an F-Sport package is expected for the RC coupe as well. Sedan models come with a six-speed automatic on all IS250 models and all-wheel-drive IS350 models, with an eight-speed automatic on IS350 rear-wheel-drive models. Lexus should be revealing powertrain details closer to the car’s U.S. on-sale date, which is also unknown at this point.

We’re also eager to hear more about the upcoming Lexus RC F high-performance model. Since the outgoing Lexus IS F sedan soldiers on for the 2014 model year, it could be a while until the RC-F debuts. Set to compete against the BMW M4, the RC F will reportedly feature a new 5.0-liter V-8 engine producing around 450 horsepower. For now, though, check out the gallery of the 2015 Lexus RC coupe and look for the newest Lexus to hit the floor at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show in two weeks.

Schneller Kerl
Nice, nice very nice....
That front end (snout) is somehow more digestible to me in this configuration. Lexus in breaking out and it requires risk. Good for them, I like the Lexus cars for their quality and customer service. Not for everyone, but what is...?
Michael SH
So it's radio controlled then. No wonder it has to have an automatic. Whoever thought RC was a good name for a real car?
The butler of auto makers try's to make a sports car.  All techy and sharp lines but never any real umph under the hood.  However I bet I'll see about 60 of them coming out of the Intel parking lot on day 2 of its release!  
This is an astoundingly unappealing car for my likes. The exterior has an exaggerated “spaceship” look with an overly long front overhang that takes it to a “vacuum cleaner on steroids” level. Out of synch with the exterior, the interior has an almost retro or old school “rolled and pleated” look to the seats. Overall, it does not look at this point like this is a coupe I’d be interested in. I will likely stick with an Audi A5 as my next car.
Neils C. Dunn
sadly, once again, the tend of no manual transmission, for the shift lovers.  no one is racing so the gain of quick electric shifts have no merit for those who still love to shift on their own.  the sports car continue to suffer.  nice ide though and in person it looks better as you can appreciate the wide stance. 
Steve Herzog
This article was interesting, however I see nothing at all mentioning the status on the convertible that was once offered with IS?????
to me this seems like a luxury version of the FRS, I hope it is close to as light
I agree with Brent Madden--BMW has abandoned the proportions and styling queues that kept it unique, in favor of some quasi blend of comic-book inspired hostile-looking front ends and Bangle-esque mishmash. This new design from Lexus, while not for everyone (as evidenced by the comments here) at least demonstrates some continuity and, dare I say, restraint, at least for Asian sport coupes in this echelon. . . and to qualify my sentiments: I own two BMWs.
James Brooks
Front end looks too busy.
Way too gaudy.  No class, looks like junk.  Pure schlock, especially for the money they'll be asking.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Lexus are quite the flatterer. They clearly bought all these parts from the Audi and Infiniti dealers.
This is by far, the best looking car I've seen coming out of Lexus in years.  It's a nice substitute of the late Mazda RX8 (albeit a faster one), whose looks are unparalleled, in my opinion. 
Brent Madden
I can't believe the negative comments here. I wish I knew what some people were seeing because I think this is the best thing to come from Lexus since they retired the SC coupe many years ago. I think this new design looks absolutely fantastic and I hope I can get my hands on one sometime in mid-2014 to replace my G37 coupe. Also, I have to agree 100% with the user that said this is stunning in comparison to the dullness of the 4-series. The Bimmer is going to blend right in with traffic the way they always do while this will stand out and actually make people take notice.
Rafa Junior Dl Kne
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1424978207714842/ autos tunning agregensen aporten y vean los autos y motos q hay aqi
Peter Klobucar
Beatrice Sarter
Do not like it.
Sidney Koss
Wonder if it will have a hard top convertible?
John D. York
Front styling cues from Audi. Looks like a train.
Scott Stone
Cristian Castillo
Very Nice!
Hasim Basha
I think its to late style its always best in jagwar
Tahmina Mili
Richard Macintyre
how the hell is that an Audi clone? It has 4 wheels and no similar lines?
Sam Burg
Looks like a catfish with its mouth open
Dez F Cha
Beautiful! I mean Vader would say that.
Steven Matthew Myers
Aggressive, inelegant, and painfully ugly.
Ed Milner
Damn that's ugly!
Thomas Voelker
There is no flank styling.
David Japaridze
Craig Watanabe
Aggressive front end, but maintenance wise I see a lot of bugs to be picked out of the grille.
Fonzo Ro Ma
nuthin' new here
Carol A. Chisholm
Not for a family of 4!!
Ferris Rezvani
Over styled, styled not designed, style doesn't age gracefully.
John Lopez
Overall I like it, but I agree there are some awkward lines on the front end. I think the area I dislike is actually the area in front of the windshield and behind the headlamps.
Ron Jones
Great quality and technology lost on a horrible front end design.
Angie Ferrannini Nielsen
Oh, God, front-end/grille is gross! Lexus, stop with these grilles...
Richard Smiley
Um... scratching head. Hmm... it sure can pass for a gussied-up Scion FR-S then a Lexus. I am sticking with Cadillac ELR or Telsa to say the least. Not quite my cup of Tea, Lexus.
Erika Engle
I think it's trying to be a supercar.
Angus MacKenzie
It feeds on krill and tiny plankton but harmless to humans
John Wilson
The grille looks like a huge vaccuum cleaner that'll suck everything up in its path up. The rest of the car looks pretty schmick though.
Bob Lange
Watch infiniti copy it in 8 weeks.
Richard Gao
Looks awesome
Sam Chisholm
Lexus Movember mustache prank?
Mike Feingold
Should be electric , get with the 21 st century
Dean Gademans
Looks like a scion frs with a bodykit... not a fan :-X
Marco Spaccavento
That looks stunning, especially in comparison to te dullness of the 4 series.
Rob Silver
Truc Mai
Better than previous models.
@Brent Madden Still got my 18 year old SC300 purchased new in 1995.This RC is the best looking car from Lexus in a  while.

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