2007 Suzuki Pixy SSC Concept

November 2, 2007
0711 Z+2007 Suzuki Pixy Ssc Concept+pod
It's like a car with an escape pod.
- Exterior "info light" system signals driver's intentions (you mean, like blinkers and brake-lights?)
- Single-passenger Pixy pod-car is carried in the SSC (Suzuki Sharing Coach), with the idea that you drive the larger car to the city, then deploy your Pixy in congested, low-speed areas.
- Powered by hydrogen and sunlight
Suzuki says: In our vision of the future, small cars will be more than useful tools; they'll be more like partners with which people can spend quality time.
0711 Z+2007 Suzuki Pixy Ssc Concept+rear
We say: Can they get a Hayabusa motor to run on sunshine and hydrogen? Because that would make for some behind-the-wheel Q.T.


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