2007 Volkswagen Space Up! Concept

October 23, 2007
- Four-door version of the two-door Up! Concept from Frankfurt
- 144.9" long - 9" longer than Up! Concept, and 1.6" higher
- Rear-mounted gas, diesel, or electric engines
- Two-part rear door
- Up to 35.5 cu ft of cargo space (with all three passenger seats folded)
- Eighteen-inch wheels with 165/50 tires
VW says: "The small van shows that we are consistently exploiting every millimeter of space and creating an emotional design."
We say: Tokyo, a city filled with adorable boxy runabouts, is the perfect locale to showcase the Space Up!. Like its Frankfurt brother, it has a face so cute you want to squeeze it, and interior space so vast you'll try to squeeze as much as possible into it. It's a very complex task creating a car that's so simple - in both design and usability - and VW has done it extremely well. Who would have thought that a rear-engined successor to the decades-old Beetle would be so much cooler than a successor to the couple-of-years-old front-engined New Beetle?


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