2007 Audi Metro Project Concept

October 29, 2007
01z+2007 Audi Metro Project Concept+front
- Three-door, four-passenger city car
- New type of Quattro system made possible by hybrid powertrain's electric motor, which sends up to 148 lb-ft of torque to the rear axle.
- Removable, cell phone-sized mobile device controls audio, nav, and other vehicle systems from outside the car; also substitutes for a key.
- Aluminum arches connect A- and C-pillars; no B-pillars.
- Huge Audi single-frame grille
- Presages Audi A1 in two years
Audi says:A series of visionary technical solutions take efficiency, dynamism, and motoring pleasure into new territory as only Audi knows how.
We say:The handsome little Audi, the only German-car debut of note at Tokyo, would be a great counterpart to the Smart and the Mini in the U.S. market.


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