2004 Jeep Treo Concept

Front Side View

Jeep Treo concept
Jeep was the only U.S. manufacturer to bring a concept car to Tokyo. Designed at Chrysler's advanced design studio in California, the Treo is described by studio chief Freeman Thomas as "an all-weather ATV" and a look at where Jeep might be 10-15 years into the future.

Side View

Jeep Treo concept
The radical Treo, which is sized between a Smart and a Mercedes A-class, was designed especially for Tokyo, because, in the words of Freeman Thomas, "Tokyo is open to wilder concepts."

Front View

Jeep Treo concept
The Treo is designed to be powered by a fuel cell, which would power two electric motors, one driving each axle. The tapered body seats two up front and one in the back. The steering wheel, gearshift, pedals, and instruments-none of whose use mechanical connections-can be moved as a single unit from one side of the vehicle to the other.

Rear Side View

Jeep Treo concept
Because a fuel-cell powerplant wouldn't need a conventional air intake, the seven slots in the Treo's traditional Jeep grille are filled in with glass. The driver can look through that glass to see the ground just ahead of the vehicle. At the rear of the Treo a glass hatchback wraps over the roof. Two rear wings contain the taillights, as well as fresh air intakes, and attachment points for carrying a bicycle.

Dashboard View

Jeep Treo concept
Jeep says: "Chrysler Group designers took a look into the future and created a concept vehicle that explores the limits of the Jeep brand, combining innovative design and environmentally friendly advanced technology in an activity vehicle aimed at young customers."

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