2004 Daihatsu Ai Concept

November 26, 2007
Daihatsu Ai concept
Barely noticed on its first show stand at Frankfurt, Daihatsu's impossibly adorable Ai concept multipurpuse vehicle seemed to be a big crowd-pleaser in minicar-mad Tokyo. Cheeky, attractive, and surprisingly realistic, it shows what Daihatsu does best. Ai is the Japanese word for lovefitting, because Daihatsu's clever Ai was feeling the love in Japan.
03 Tms 01+2004 Daihatsu Ai Concept+front Side View
03 Tms 02+2004 Daihatsu Ai Concept Open Door+front Side View
03 Tms 04+2004 Daihatsu Ai Concept+rear Side View


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