Toyota Fine-X

November 1, 2005
0510 Tokyo 9+2006 Toyota Fine X+front Side View
The latest in Toyota's family of 'Fine' fuel cell show cars, the Fine-X is a small, four-seat minivan concept with massive gullwing doors. It features a compact fuel-cell hybrid powertrain, which drives electric motors in each of the four wheels.
Besides the exotic propulsion system, the Fine-X is also unusual in that each wheel can steer independently, through as much as 90 degrees, for extraordinary maneuverability.
But the Fine-X's biggest party trick is that it can rotate on its own axis a full 360 degrees.
Though about the size of a Scion xA, the Fine-X boasts the cabin space of a Camry. The cabin, with flat floor and 'welcome seats' that move in and out of the car as the gullwing doors open, is roomy, bright and hi-tech. The exterior design reportedly provides cues to the new 2006 Corolla.
0511 Tokyo 019+2006 Toyota Fine X+front View


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