Scion bB Concept

November 1, 2005
0510 Tokyo 029+2006 Scion Bb Concept+side View
Toyota's first-generation bB (for Black Box) was a smash hit with young car buyers in Japan--and also in the USA, where it's sold as the Scion xB.
The small, boxy, utilitarian, anti-establishment feel of the bB was what helped make it popular. This new version keeps to the same basic formula, but for this show car, at least, the styling is softer (and more new-wave, BMW-like). With strobe lights and a nine-speaker sound system, the cabin is set up like a nightclub.
0510 Tokyo 019+2006 Scion Bb Concept+front Left View
0511 Tokyo 019+2006 Scion Bb Concept+front Side View


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