Nissan Note Adidas Edition

October 5, 2005
0511 Tokyo 019+2006 Nissan Note Adidas Edition+front Left View
Nissan collaborated with the well-known athletic company to create this 159-inch-long (13.3 feet), 1.5-liter study whose stated purpose is to have a "wearable" exterior and interior. The grille, the bodysides, and the wheels mimic the bottom of a tennis shoe. Inside, durable, colorful sportswear fabrics and rubber materials have been applied to the doors and the instrument panel, and the enameled glove box is opened and closed with a zipper. Cute, but pretty much pointless.
0511 Tokyo 029+2006 Nissan Note Adidas Edition+side View
0511 Tokyo 039+2006 Nissan Note Adidas Edition+rear Left View
0511 Tokyo 049+2006 Nissan Note Adidas Edition+front Interior View
0511 Tokyo 059+2006 Nissan Note Adidas Edition+interior View


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