Mini Concept Tokyo

November 1, 2005
0510 Tokyo 039+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo Open Door+front Left View
Japan has always been big on the Mini, both original and modern, so it's no surprise that BMW is bringing a new Mini concept to the Tokyo show, one designed to reflect a "Japanese appreciation of all things British."
This is a quick redo of the hit Mini station wagon concept from the Frankfurt auto show, featuring new wheels, a recolored interior, and indicator lights sporting the Union Jack. The Tokyo version features a small, round, roof-mounted table, plus two chairs, for impromptu picnics ("and weary guests at cricket matches") and a cargo box at the rear that can be taken out and attached the side window, to create a table ("for serving tea and scones.") As the Brits might say, "Jolly good show."
0510 Tokyo 019+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo+open All Rear Side View
0510 Tokyo 029+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo+interior View
0510 Tokyo 049+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo+rear Interior View
0510 Tokyo 059+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo+side View
0511 Tokyo 019+2006 Mini Concept Tokyo+picnic Layout Sketch View


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