Honda FCX Concept

October 5, 2005
0510 Tokyo 019+2006 Honda Fcx Concept+side View
The FCX concept is Honda's latest take on fuel cells. Although its ultra-cab-forward body looks dramatically long, low, and wide, at 186 inches (15.5 feet) in overall length, the FCX is actually shorter than the Acura RL. It features a compact, Honda-developed fuel-cell stack in the middle of the car with two hydrogen tanks in the rear. The stack is actually much smaller than is now technologically feasible, but Honda says that it shows "our dream."
The novel four-wheel-drive system has one front 80-kW electric motor with two in-wheel, 25-kw motors at the rear.
The deluxe cabin is outfitted with a mix of traditional Japanese materials--such as a wood floor--plus the latest gizmos. The dashboard rises up (toward the driver) as speed rises, supposedly to hold the driver's attention, which leads us to wonder if the steering wheel is right in front of your nose once you reach triple digits.
0510 Tokyo 029+2006 Honda Fcx Concept+front Side View
0510 Tokyo 039+2006 Honda Fcx Concept+rear Side View
0510 Tokyo 049+2006 Honda Fcx Concept Open Door+side View


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