TOKYO: Chrysler Akino Concept

By Automobile Magazine - October 5, 2005
0511 Tokyo 019+2006 Chrysler Akino Concept+side View
The tiny, one-box Akino concept is named after its its designer, thirty-seven-year-old Akino Tsuchiya, who was born in Japan but who now works at the Chrysler Group's California design studio.
With a wheelbase of only 95 inches (7.9 feet) and overall length of 146.6 inches (12.2 feet), the Akino packs a lot of car into a small space. There is a single door on the driver's side, plus two doors on the passengers' side that open in opposite directions to reveal a booth-style rear seat and a swiveling front passenger's seat. The driver's and front passenger's seats are considered to be like armchairs, while the rear bench is meant to invoke the feeling of a living room sofa. In all, there is seating for five people.
"I wanted the soothing, comforting feeling of a living room on the interior, all surrounded by an elegant form that reflects the Chrysler brand," Tsuchiya says of her concept vehicle. "We very much wanted a feeling of being at home on the road."
The Akino's snub nose, which is adorned with a large Chrysler winged badge, leads to a sharply raked windshield and very geometric side windows. The exterior surface development is unusually sophisticated for what is, in essence, a tiny economy minicar, and the large, BMW-style wheels give the Akino surprising presence.
0511 Tokyo 029+2006 Chrysler Akino Concept+front Right View
0511 Tokyo 039+2006 Chrysler Akino Concept+side View
0511 Tokyo 049+2006 Chrysler Akino Concept+interior View


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