2004 Subaru B9 Scrambler Concept

November 20, 2007
03 Tms 01+2004 Subaru B9 Scrambler Concept+front Right View
03 Tms 02+2004 Subaru B9 Scrambler Concept+front View
Subaru is developing a new "face" for its cars, and we'd say that Subaru chief designer Andreas Zapatinas has found a good one in the B9 Scrambler roadster. The B9 Scrambler evolves and greatly improves upon the look that Zapatinas debuted with the B11 S concept in Geneva.
03 Tms 03+2004 Subaru B9 Scrambler Concept+side View
Subaru B9 Scrambler concept
The B9 Scrambler looks outward, with CCD cameras mounted in the windshield frame and near the rear license plate plus a radar system in the front grille. The car "watches" ahead and behind, warning the driver of fast-approaching vehicles. The car also incorporates a rear-view camera, intelligent cruise control, and a lane deviation warning system.
03 Tms 04+2004 Subaru B9 Scrambler Concept+front Corner View
Subaru B9 Scrambler concept
Subaru says: "The unity between person, nature and car is the key to enjoying the open air. In order to continue providing 'driving pleasure' in the future to all people who love cars, Subaru unveils the Subaru B9 Scrambler, the next-generation driver's car that fuses environmental consideration and driving performance at a higher dimension."


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