2004 Nissan Jikoo Concept Photo Gallery

Front Right View

Nissan Jikoo concept
This two-seat retro roadster celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Edo Shogunate (now known as the city of Tokyo) and Nissan's own 70th birthday. It's inspired by the 1935 Datsun roadster and carries forward that car's jump seat design. Not much chance of production-Nissan supplied no details on a powertrain—but it sure looks cool.

Side View

Nissan Jikoo concept
History lesson: A driver's-side monitor in the Nissan Jikoo concept displays navigation system maps from modern-day Tokyo, while the passenger's-side monitor shows maps of the same areas from the ancient Edo period. The maps change in tandem as the car moves through the city of Tokyo, and the system provides information on historical sites.

Rear Side View

Nissan Jikoo concept
The Jikko's headlamp design is supposed to resemble the way light transmits through Japanese paper-covered lamps and sliding doors. The fan-shaped instrument panel incorporates modern interpretations of pictographs from family crests, store names, and signboards from the ancient Edo Period, while the lacquered door trim, lacquered leather seats, and black and vermillion interior colors evoke Kabuki costumes.

Interior View

Nissan Jikoo concept

Wheel View

Nissan Jikoo concept

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