First Look: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

Inside, the new concept car is pure carbon fiber from wall to wall. Conspicuously absent are additional trim materials, decorative elements, and superfluous add-ons. The seat cushions are attached directly to the firewall, but the steering wheel and the pedal box are fully adjustable. Miniaturization is the name of the game in terms of infotainment, air conditioning, and convenience features. The dashboard is not a pretty leather-trimmed fascia but a minimalist lightweight aluminum cross member structured like the tower of a high-voltage power line. Instruments, airbags and secondary controls are bolted on almost like in a high-tech kit car.

While the front axle carrier and the crash box are made of carbon fiber, the rear subframe complete with the engine and suspension mounts is aluminum. Most of the screws and bolts that hold the complex structure together are machined from titanium.

Will the Sesto Elemente go into production, or it is just another short-lived fantasy car conceived on cloud nine? "With RTM [Resin Transfer Molding] Lambo, we are about to industrialize a patented process every future model will benefit from," states Winkelmann. "Sesto Elemente showcases the new technology. It is in this respect an early pace-setter for the next Murcielago, but there are no plans to build it." Fact is, while the next Gallardo (like its Audi R8 sibling) will stick with the Audi spaceframe matrix, the second-generation Murcielago, which we'll see in Geneva, is almost entirely made of carbon fiber. If Lamborghini plays its cards right, the Italian concern could make itself indispensable by making this valuable know-how accessible to other members of the VW group.

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I wouldn't mind if this replaced the Gallardo today! Just plain badass!And to think that it's under 1000kg!!

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