First Look: Audi Quattro Concept

"I am not so sure," confesses Egger, one of the project's most fervent supporters. "First of all, we would have to make sure it does fit into our portfolio. Next, we would have to focus on the cost situation. And last but not least we would have to triple-check the homologation potential. After all, this is not simply a chopped RS5. What we have here is a new structure fitted with a new engine, so we would be facing more crash tests and additional emission exercises. But the most critical question is perhaps how many cars we would want to produce, and at what price?"

Michael Dick, Audi board member in charge of r&d, is both enthusiastic and skeptical. "I love the design, I like the concept, and I can imagine this to be a hoot to drive. But I hate to think of what it takes to make this car jump all the logistical, financial and legal hurdles. My biggest worry is the longitudinally mounted engine, which is notably longer and taller than the V-8, thereby failing to comply with the latest pedestrian protection regulations-by a long shot. Then there is the one-off ASF matrix that is far too complex and expensive for a limited production run. Finally, we would have to swallow the costs for a one-off interior..."

If Audi were to assemble only 220 pieces like it did back in 1984, the Quattro would in all likelihood cost more than an R8 GT. Even if the number were closer to 1000 units, the price would probably still be above the R8 V10. According to one insider, there are only two options: economize by bringing the car's content closer to the RS5, or give it permanent concept status and apply the funds, the brainpower and the design prowess to conceive a lightweight version of the next A5 that fits the bill and makes a profit.

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I would like to see it affordably priced. I can't see this car as a plaything for $180k, unless it was built as an alternative to the GT3RS. I'd rather see it down the road as the A5/S5 replacement starting around $45k.
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So this is what you get by crossing a Camaro SS with a CTS-V coupe. In other words, sorry Audi, this is derivative and late to the party.

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