2008 PARIS: 2008 Citroen GT Concept

October 11, 2008
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0810 01 Z+2008 Citroen GT Concept+front Three Quarter View
Long, slender, French. We're not talking about the booth babes at this week's Paris motor show, but of the Citroen GT - a two-seat sports car concept with an interesting design history.
In this instance, the 'GT' nomenclature refers not only to the car's class or sporting aspirations, but to its history. Citroen's designers partnered with the tech-whizzes over at Polyphony Digital, the corporate entity behind the successful Gran Turismo video game. Though we first heard the two were collaborating at the 2008 Geneva motor show, the Paris venue is our first look at the finished product.
Early teaser photos indicated the car would be long, low, and wide. Indeed, the GT is that, but not quite the Audi R8-clone those photos suggested. Many of the myriad scoops, fins, spoilers, and fussy details are so - well, Citroen.
Though it looks to be a mid-engine sports car, technically there isn't even an engine. Thinking green (though it's painted white), the GT's rear wheels are driven by electric motors, powered in turn by a hydrogen fuel cell.
Though we doubt it'll ever reach production, let alone reach the U.S., you may still have a chance to drive it. Go power-up your Playstation 3 and boot up Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - we hear you're now able to download the Citroen and take it for a spin.
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