The Two Oddest Cars at the 2006 Paris Auto Show

October 12, 2006
0610 Z+2007 PGO Cervennes+front Corner
PGO Cevennes and Speedster II

The car itself isn't so much a disaster--it's just a cheap French rip-off of a fifty-year-old Porsche--but we'd like to know who decided it should be gussied up to look like a ten-dollar prom dress. Seriously: this kind of heinous glitz is usually only found on the floor of the local Holiday Inn after fifteen seconds of awkward, Zima-fueled passion. (We would know.)

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0610 Z+2007 Tang Hua+front Corner
Tang Hua Xiao Ya

What the hell is this thing?? It looks like somebody crashed a Richard Scarry-style egg car into the back of a penis.

This roughly nine-foot-long, Chinese-made electric car uses state-of-the-'50s lead-acid batteries and moves forward in one of two speeds: normal and performance. The former is good for up to around 28 mph, while performance mode kicks it up a half-notch or so to nearly 40 mph. Recharging is accomplished in a brisk five to seven hours. If you can swallow every single ounce of pride you've got, the Xiao Ya can be yours for $5000. Or you could, you know, walk.

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