2005 Toyota Prius GT

September 19, 2004
0410 Paris 01+2005 Toyota Prius Gt+side View
From the "answer to the question nobody asked" file comes the Prius GT. For the one tree hugger who bought one of these tip-toeing fuel misers and wished for better handling and power, the Prius GT gets bigger wheels and tires and a lot of stickers. If each sticker added five horsepower, this Prius would be competitive with a BMW M5, but since Toyota cheaped out and used powerless stickers, this Prius makes do with 147 horsepower.
0410 Paris 05+2005 Toyota Prius Gt+front Left View
0411 Paris+2005 Toyota Prius Gt+top Rear Side View
0411 Paris+2005 Toyota Prius Gt+side View


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2005 Toyota Prius

Base FWD 4-Dr Hatchback I4
starting at (MSRP)
1.5L I4
Fuel Economy
NA City NA Hwy
2005 Toyota Prius